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 Amazing Vaseline Uses!

Household Tips Vaseline

Back in 1859, a man named Robert Chesebrough was in the oil fields of Titusville, Pennsylvania where he learned about a byproduct residue called "rod wax." Interestingly, the workers used this substance to help heal cuts and burns. Chesebrough took some of the rod wax to Brooklyn, extracted the usable petroleum jelly, and began selling the product as Vaseline.

As you probably already know, Vaseline can be used as a moisture insulator to help you with dry and cracked skin, but it’s much more versatile than that! What do I mean? Check out these amazing Vaseline hacks!

1. Body scrub

You can make your own inexpensive body scrub by mixing some kosher salt with Vaseline. Alternatively, use sugar with Vaseline for a lip scrub for smooth, moist lips!

2. Unstick and stuck zipper

Is your zipper stuck? Super annoying! But add a bit of Vaseline on the zipper and give it another hard tug… voila!

3. Fix scratched phone screens

This sounds crazy but if you have scratches on your phone screen, try adding some Vaseline into the scratch and wiping off the excess. (make sure you don’t put any Vaseline into the phone itself!). This works because the petroleum jelly has a similar density as the LCD of your phone.

4. Shine scuffed up patent leather shoes

If you have scuffed up patent leather shoes, dip a cotton swab in some Vaseline and rub the scuff.

5. Cleaner paint jobs

If you’re doing any painting around the home and want to make sure you avoid staining something (e.g. a hinge or any hardware), cover it in Vaseline!

6. Cleaner nail painting

Put a bit of Vaseline on your cuticles with a cotton swab to keep your nail polish from sticking to your skin for a much cleaner finish!

7. Remove makeup stains from your clothes

Dab a bit of Vaseline on a damp cloth and rub stains away on your clothes and sheets!

8. Stop squeaky door hinges

If your door hinges are making too much noise and you don’t have a spray lubricant, try adding a light coat of Vaseline! Ideally, apply the Vaseline after removing the hinge pin first.

9. Bug bite repellant

Apparently, Vaseline is great at preventing bug bites! Try applying Vaseline to your exposed body parts next time you plan on staying outdoors.


10. Remove water stains from wooden surfaces

Have a water ring on your wooden table? Apply a bit of Vaseline to the stain and let it sit overnight, wiping it off the next day.

11. Make your fragrance last longer

If your perfume or cologne doesn’t seem to last long enough, try applying a bit of Vaseline on your skin first. Your fragrance should now last all day!

12. Hair treatment

Fly-aways? Frizzy hair? Split ends? Vaseline is a great way to help treat your hair problems and protect it from further damage.

Who knew that vaseline could do so much?



Posted by david on Friday, January 20 @ 05:45:13 MST (357 reads)
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 How to Clean Your Deck

Household Tips

The Right Way to Clean a Deck

There is a difference in what you do between cleaning a hardwood deck and a softwood deck!!

If you have a wood deck…skip the bleach, and use oxygen cleaner.

In our climate [southern Virginia (SV)] , anything over two [2] years between 'painting/treating ' a wood deck' is a bit on the long side for the oil based products that are used.

You should oil my your hardwood deck about every 18 months or so — spring one year, fall the next.

You can oil your entire 200 sq feet or so deck [the average deck size per real estate tax assessment records] in about 3 hours. One late afternoon’s works is not that big of a time commitment. SV weather has a lot of moisture that results in a moisture abuse that causes heavy soiling and mildew.

Oxygen based cleaner

Penofin’s cleaner is the most reliable and easiest cleaner. For the techs/chemist/critics among you the primary ingredient in Penofin’s cleaner is sodium percarbonate.

When mixed with water it yields Hydrogen Peroxide and Soda Ash (the other main ingredient).

Environmentally friendly [as cleaner can be] hydrogen peroxide [hp] further breaks down into water and oxygen

Posted by david on Wednesday, April 24 @ 07:29:00 MST (3417 reads)
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 Keep drains free of grease from holiday meals

Household TipsCity utilities officials are asking residents to avoid pouring fats, oils and grease down their sink drains as they prepare their holiday meals during the next few weeks. Any fats, oils and grease poured down the drain can block pipes, causing sewage to back up into homes, according to a city news release. The substances should be placed into the trash. Officials said oil can be stored in a freezer for up to six months and reused for up to six hours of frying time. Oil should be poured into a can and placed into a refrigerator. After it hardens, it can be placed in a trash can. Along with turkey grease, officials said salad dressings, butter, ice cream and baked goods all have large amounts of fats, oils and grease that can clog pipes. For more information, visit the city’s website at www.vbgov.com/fog.

Posted by david on Tuesday, November 22 @ 06:33:55 MST (7017 reads)
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Household Tips


If your workplace or home home was built before 1980, there is a chance that some of the materials used to build it contain asbestos. Asbestos containing materials can be found throughout the house from pipes to furnaces to floors and can pose a risk to families especially if they are in poor condition.

Asbestos may still be present even if the homeowner has replaced equipment or remodeled areas of the house either by themselves or through a contractor. If you are about to begin a remodeling or replacement project and have concerns about the presence of asbestos, it is recommended you consult with a residential asbestos inspector to ensure your safety.

Many homeowners accidentally exposed themselves to asbestos by cutting, tearing or sawing asbestos-containing materials. When asbestos fibers are released they can be inhaled which could lead to serious health problems years later.

Household items and areas that may contain asbestos include:


Asbestos may be present in cement roofing, shingles or siding materials


Asbestos might be found in artificial ashes and embers used in gas fireplaces


Resilient floor tiles composed of vinyl asbestos, asphalt and rubber

The bottom or backing of vinyl floor tiles

Asbestos may be present in adhesives used to install floor tiles


Asbestos could be present in door gaskets as well as duct and outside insulation


Pipes may be covered by an asbestos blanket or asbestos tape


Wood burning and coal burning stoves may contain asbestos on door gaskets and their surrounding insulation.


Spray on soundproofing, textured paint and patching/joint compounds

Thanks to Roberta Walters of Mesothelioma Web for passing this along.

Posted by david on Wednesday, September 29 @ 17:48:07 MST (7490 reads)
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 Internet Resources for Real Estate and Bankruptcy Attorneys

Household Tips

Internet Resources for Real Estate and Bankruptcy Attorneys

Posted by david on Sunday, May 16 @ 06:10:26 MST (17327 reads)
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 When You take on a Roommate You have a Sub-lease

Household TipsAnonymous writes "*
LANDLORD/TENANT; ROOMMATES; TERMINATION: Where a "roommate" arrangement is deemed a sublease, the primary tenant/sublessor is not legally entitled to eject sublessee from an apartment without a court order and at least 30 days notice.

Tiller v. Shuboney, 894 N.Y.S.2d 343 (N.Y. City Ct. 2009).

Plaintiff and Defendant, both college students, agreed to rent an apartment together. Only Defendant signed the approximately year long lease for the apartment, but the landlord was notified that Plaintiff was living in the apartment and Plaintiff verbally agreed to pay half the costs associated with renting the apartment. There was no written or verbal agreement regarding the obligations of either party in the event that one of the parties wanted to move out before the lease expired.


Posted by david on Saturday, May 08 @ 06:07:08 MST (6765 reads)
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